Another Christmas Miracle

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Christmas Miracleevery once in a while, a memory is made that is indelible. It will stay with you forever.

Well, this Christmas was one of those times.

You see, I have some far-flung relatives who live in the South. Kinda. Actually, it's pretty-much the Midwest now that I think about it. Okay, it's Missouri. In the Ozarks.

There be some mighty conservative peeps there. Not many of them take a shinin' to man-on-man kind of stuff.

My apologies if I might be generalizing a tad. Heaven knows that I mean no harm by it. I'm sure there are quite a few people in the Ozarks who appreciate brotherly-love... with people of their own gender. In fact, this Christmas, I found some-- right here in my own shirt-tail family! So yeah, generalizations don't always pan out.

But let me tell you about my cousins (fourth cousins, thrice removed, if I'm not mistaken), Bobby-Bob and Johnny-John. They're brothers. (Now, don't be getting all judgmental about incest and stuff!) Long story expanded, I figured it was high time that I spent some time reacquainting myself with some of my shirt-tales. Fortunately, I found that often, my shirt-tales didn't take a shinin' to actually wearing shirts.

No worries! As soon as I got out of the stretch limo from Rolla International Airport airport (the Board of Directors of MusclePla.Net are gracious enough to afford me with first class travel wherever I go) I was greeted by Bobby-Bob and Johnny-John (hereafter referred to as Bobby and Johnny). Bobby, on the left of today's pic, was deliciously shirtless. Muscles out to here. And a grin as wide as the Mississippi. Bobby placed his large arm around my neck and gave me a peck on the cheek. "Cousin Seanny!" he smiled. "I read your shit all the time! So good to see you after all these years!"

Indeed. Last time I seen Bobby, he was knee-high to a grass hopper; so was I. 

His younger brother, Johnny (the dude on the right-- the one with the gorgeous eyes), was only shin-high to a grass hopper then.

Now, however, Johnny was all grown up and gorgeous. Bobby, however, was gorgeous times 10, and muscular off the scale.

It was a Christmas Miracle!

Bobby showed me to the guest room, and I settled in. Once I emerged from my suite in their house (I SO wanted to say TRAILER here instead of HOUSE, but I thought that might be too offensive to some),* I crept down the stairs (yeah, TRAILER wouldn't have worked anyway) to the dining area and looked out on the deck.

When what to my wondering eyes should appear, but the brothers Ozark-- engaged in all kinds of familial love. So I snapped today's pic. I swear on the good book, it's 100% true (fiction)! God, I love philadelphia.

A Christmas Miracle indeed!

Now that I'm home, back in the great Pacific Northwest, I just can't wait to see what New Year's Eve/Day brings!



*But WTF? I'm writing SMUT for crying out loud! Gay erotica! I post pictures of men engaged in gay sex! And I'm worried about offending Missourians? God, I need to see someone. Maybe my New Year's Resolution will be to see someone.





Christmas: Party!

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Carl Hardwickdo you, the Curious Web Surfer, realize that Christmas is THIS WEDNESDAY? 

Well, it is.*

With this in mind, your selfless, always-giving, generous webmaster Seanny (aka Your's Truly) has had his elves working at a feverish pace, driving them practically insane with long hours and heavy workloads, in order to bring YOU, the aforementioned CWS, the coolest website this side of the Mississippi. (And, for that matter, the other side, too.)

Yes, Uncle Seanny has spared no expense (no expense when it comes to horse-whipping his elves). The elves are the benefactors; you are the beneficiary. Have you ever noticed that those two words have the same root, yet they mean the opposite? [Benefactor/Beneficiary] Here's another interesting tidbit of English trivia: Have you ever notice that a single article-- specifically the word "a," can totally reverse the meaning of a sentence? Allow me to expand (and after Wednesday, we'll all need to expand, won't we? What with all the punkin pie, eggnog, etc.!): Take the following sentence (please!): "There were a few parking spots at the airport." (And yes, I realize how timely my example sentence might be, what with all the holiday travel this week! Am I relative, or what?!) 

Okay, it's not really the time to start a new paragraph, but the above-one is getting a little long, so here goes: Now, simply remove the word "a" from the example sentence, and you TOTALLY change the emphasis, if not the whole meaning! "There were few parking spots at the airport."

In this instance, "a few" is pretty-much the opposite from "few."

Interesting, huh?

Yet, I digress, as they say.

Where the hell is my eggnog?

So, today's picture is of none other than the classic muscle hunk Carl Hardwick (aka Rusty Jeffers). He's all that.

Moving right along, Yours Truly is please to announce that the upgrade to this here delicious website is pretty-much complete. All links should be working. Stories should be readable. Pictures should be seable. Things should be workable.

I hope. Please let me know if you find something that doesn't work.

And one final word... I realize this post was link-intensive, and it must have seemed to drone on forever. If you're now suffering from blog overload, may I suggest you have another eggnog.

[OH, and please click the links in the right column and VOTE for my site! Thanks!] 



*We at are pleased to offer you this reminder service at no extra charge.





It's the Most Wonderful Time...

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Yeahof the year!

Yes, folks, we're officially past the Winter Solstice, for you Northern Hemispherians (sorry to the Down-Under peeps, but you are entering summer... Enjoy the sunshine.)!

But did you feel it? The planet, as it switched directions? From an Autumnal perspective to a Winter-al one?

Me neither.

And yet there's an actual scientific reason for that. The Earth doesn't actually switch positions. It just reaches a point in its orbit where it ceases from a position of Autumn-ness (again, Northern Hemisphere) to the position of winter-ness. The solstice (and for that matter, the equinoxes) don't actually herald a change in the planet's trajectory or position. It's just a mid-point, if you will.

If you need a more explicit explanation, may I suggest you Bing it. Or Google it.


I know I'm right. So don't argue.

That said, for us Northerners, today was the shortest day of the year. So, to paraphrase the late, great Andy Williams, "It's the Most, Short-est Day of the Year, With the kids jingle-belling and everyone ordering Pizza and Beer!" (My improvisation.) 

So, yes. From here on out, the days get longer, and (hopefully) the musclemen get more muscular. 

Would was that true (the part about the musclemen)...

Anyhoo, where was I? 

Who actually cares where I was.

Regardless, I like today's pic. This guy has abs. And a penis. And a delicious disposition. He's cute and hot.

That is all...

You're dismissed. 

After you vote for my site on BEST MALE BLOGS, and PLU TOP 100, at the right.

NOW, that is all. 





Hunkiest Santa EV-er

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Shirtless Santait's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year! And this hunky Santa is one of the reasons I love this season!

Even in this screen-shot from its accompanying video clip (CLICK ON THE PIC!), you can see, even in the sillohouette, the promise of muscular virility. And when he talks, walks and moves in the video, I can promise you: A boner will ensue.

I recorded this clip, with top-secret software, off of YouTube a few years back. The original was a lot easier to see. Yet, I can't find the original on YouTube anymore. If any of you CWSs out there have a better copy, or access to the YouTube version... whatever... please let me know!

This guy is just adorably CUTE! (AND muscley-lean!)

[And yes, we at are still rebuilding!] 







We be switching things UP!

Written by Sean Scott on .

Naked Musclethe astute Curious Web Surfer will note that things-- they are a-changin' 'round  

It might be a fortnight before things are running as expectorated. Your patience is appreciated.








All I want for Christmas...

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Albronwe are definitely into the holiday spirit, are we not?

Well, all of us at are into it! Hell, you can barely throw a dead chicken across our office complex without hitting a batch of mistletoe, hanging from a doorway. (Not to mention the random, roaming reindeer...)

Be that as it may, Yours Truly realized that it is indeed possible to get too much of a good thing (read: SNOW), and heaven knows that there are about a bajillion people across This Great Nation who are cold, without electricity, runny-nosed, and virtually bereft of hope for a warm Christmas. Heck, when I woke up this morning and checked my iPhone (it's a 5S, in case the CWS was wondering) to see the local temperature, it said "Freakin' 16 degrees, F." Sure, we occasionally dip down into the teens, and I've even seen it in the single digits here in the Portland area, but it is rare. [And please, don't write telling me about your temps. I REALIZE that there are a lot of people in worse shape than Yours Truly. THAT's the point of what I'm saying.]

That said, have a drink. Alcohol doesn't usually freeze (well, beer does; I learned this first-hand, and what a mess my freezer was!), so set your Rum out in a drift and then have a drink. It'll warm you up from head to toe! [No extra charge for this helpful hint!]

THAT said, if you're like me, nothing warms the heart (and gets you hard) like a muscle man.

Even if said muscle man is unreal. Or, should I say NOT real.

Thence, I'm posting today a pic (or render, shall we say?), that my good friend, Alex Bronnings (AKA Albron) has done. This is Peter. And I love him.

LOVE him, I tell you.

OH! And the CWS might notice that I've done a little cleaning-up around the site. The STORIES page, in particular, is new and improved, IMHO. A couple of new (yet, in a weird way, old) stories/chapters have been posted too!






Paul Walker

Written by Sean Scott on .

Paul Walker RIPwow. Such a loss. I've loved this man forever.

And his eyes.

His eyes!

He was at the TOP of the gorgeous scale. The top.

He left WAY before his time... 






NAMM is Back!

Written by Sean Scott on .

MuscleManthanksgiving is a time to give thanks. Methinks.

And we at hope that this holiday brings you much joy and thankfulness.

Hopefully, you will be thankful for the fact that tonight I'm re-posting my wonderfully successful, wildly accepted, critically acclaimed (kinda) anthology, The New Adventures of MuscleMan.

Read Away! 






Preparing for Black Wednesday

Written by Sean Scott on .

Phil Heathtoday, I was sitting there, in my cardigan sweater, smoking my make-believe pipe, when on the television news flashed a story that said, in essence, that auto insurance companies refer to the day before Thanksgiving as "Black Wednesday."


Personally, I refer to it as Thanksgiving Eve.


The reason for this is because there are a heck of a lot of accidents on this heavily-traveled day. 


Thence, my advice to you is this: Drive safely.


And don't do a double-take if you see someone whose arms are as big as most men's legs, as Phil Heath, here. Yes, don't drive distracted.


[Oh, and please feel free to scroll down to the post titled "Memories from the '60s." It includes (at the end) an honest apology for going a bit over-the-top.] 


That said, please have a GREAT Thanksgiving. (And this doesn't mean you won't see me before then!)







Preparing for Black Friday

Written by Sean Scott on .

Thanksless than a week away, you, I, and many of our loved-ones will be awaking from the tryptophan effect (if you're an American who celebrates Thanksgiving).

And when you wake up on Black Friday, you'll be scurrying to the malls with grand ideas about grand purchases.*

But before you hop into your Escalade, armed with your Naughty & Nice list, you'll be required to take a shower. But before you can do THAT, you have to wait for Jason, here, to finish HIS shower. Jason's your cousin. You've always loved Jason. And why not...

Fortunately, for you, Jason left the bathroom door unlocked (whether on purpose or not, no one knows-- perhaps it'll take a new Warren Commission, or something, to determine the facts). So, you test the door, see that it's unlocked, and you decide to enter.

"Hey, cousin!" Jason grins. "Glad you could join me! I was just getting ready to step into the shower. Wanna join me?"

(And what's with those clothes hanging from the shower rod? Aren't they gonna get a little wet?)  




* Not me. I hate shopping crowds. I buy quite a bit of my stuff online now. UPS is my best friend! (Not to mention the hunky UPS driver who delivers to my house. Sometimes, I order something cheap and inane, just so I can see him pull up to my house, step out of the brown truck, and then flex & pose as he handles my package.)  





Memories from the '60s

Written by Sean Scott on .

Tim Kennedydo you remember where you were on November 22, 1963? (I love how all the news outlets ask that question.) Okay, where your parents were? Your grandparents?

I thought so.

To be honest (and don't you DARE tell a soul!) I almost, kinda remember this tragic historical event. Barely.

Hell, I was only (INSERT NUMBER HERE) years old!

Oh, I fear I might have just alienated myself from a bajillion CWSs.


But when that ambulance slowly drove up to the White House portico, carrying JFK's casket, I remember stopping to watch, as my mommy also froze as she watched the black & white TV in our kitchen/dining area. (Back then, people only had ONE television in their house. I know; like-- "Little House on the Prairie" or something.)

Anyway, I don't really remember much more than that. I'm so young that my memory doesn't really work that far back.

[Full disclosure here: (well, maybe partial disclosure) I DO remember one particular morning when a certain Richard Milhous Nixon won election to the presidency. It was in the morning, before school, in that same kitchen, watching that same B&W TV. I vividly remember my mother seeing/hearing the news that Republican (Tricky-Dick) Nixon had won the presidency. When Uncle Walter announced the outcome of said election, way back in that November 1968 morning, my mom SCURRIED with GLEE to the bedroom, to inform my father of the glorious outcome of said election.]

Yeah. THAT worked out well.

Anyhoo, where was I?

Oh, yeah. Zapruder. Dealy Plaza. That kind of stuff. Parkland Hospital. Officer Tippit. The travesty of Jackie's pink ensemble (What was she thinking?). Bobby's insatiable love for LBJ. Jedgar Hoover and his appreciation for JFK's presidency. Marilyn Monroe. Uncle Walter's insanely bold eyeglasses. Ducking under your desks.

That kind of stuff.

So, to bring this thing in for a landing, let me say this: I think Prohibition was a HUGE mistake. That said, I have yet to be convinced that L.H.Oswald worked with anyone else than his alone self. I think Jack Ruby worked alone (although he did seem to be in an honorable profession, however HET is was...). I also think Jedgar Hoover worked alone. Hell, for all we know, Jimmy Carter worked alone! Superman probably worked alone, for crying outloud!

I know, this isn't anything that will appear on some national news recollection show. But it's my stand. (Yet, Scott Pelley, if you're listening...)

And one thing more: I also stand for the free viewage of muscular, occasionally nekkid, occasionally engaged in gay sex-- musclemen. Flexing all over hell. Jacking off (no offense JFK). That is, after all, the whole reason the Interwebs were invented. If you agree, just be sure to return here.


There's much more muscle to cum!

Oh, and despite the current threat that EVERYTHING YOU TYPE, EVERYTHING YOU SEE on the Interwebs is going to be closely examined by the NSA, your comments on today's web post are encouraged! Click below (on the COMMENT link)! (Jedgar's been long dead, after all.) 


[Note from the embarrassed webmaster: This post originally had a different title, and some additional paragraphs at the beginning. Thanks to an astute (and kind) CWS, Matt, I was made aware that it was a bit over-the-top. So, I've edited it a bit. Thanks for your understanding and grace, you CWSs!]





Colin Fucking Gorgeous Wayne

Written by Sean Scott on .

Colin Waynecolin Wayne is the man of all men.

Just adorable masculine beauty.

And aesthetics. (Actually, in my opinion, this pic of Colin doesn't NEARLY show off his aesthetic beauty as well as it could; but that's a whole nother story.

Regardless, he's muscle. He's beauty. He's the personification of masculine, beautiful strength.

And I want him.

AND: Next week is Thanksgiving!


Care to share any of YOUR Turkey Day memories? Ever meet some kind of hunk who showed up at the festive meal?

Lemme know! 





Outdoor Posing

Written by Sean Scott on .

Available in Blackstephan has done some pretty amazing morphs. And today's example is a wonderful example.

So often, we see these pictures, and we pass over them quickly; but I'd like you to ponder this artwork, if you will.

Can you imagine walking through campus, late for your Creative Writing 101 class (because you SO want to become a famous, rich, webmaster, web-writer, web-creative-genius like Sean Reid Scott), hoping the professor won't dock you for being late to class (again! Can you help it if you stop and stare whenever you see a hunky, muscular dude walking across campus?)!

Much less, an almost totally nekkid dude, like today's model, clad in a mere net that hardly covers his, ahem... package.

So where wuzz-I?

Oh yeah, Stephan's morphing work is amazing.

I just wish morphing was real.

Real, I tell you.







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