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Wednesday, April 16: Newly re-published: Chapter 3 of ADAM. Click on SEAN'S STORIES to the right.

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Sounds in the NightSounds in the Night

Zane White is a young, closeted gay man who has a particular affinity for huge, muscular, ripped,bodybuilders. When Zane meets a man who drives him crazy with muscle, he realizes there's danger afoot– and not just from the rejection of his uber-conservative father. Click HERE to go to the page for your Kindle edition of the book! 




Are you in to male muscle? Does a man's huge muscles turn you on? You get a hard-on by watching bodybuilders flex and pose? The condition is sometimes called sthenolagnia. And I have it. For sure.

If you're here, there's a good chance you have it too. 

If you enjoy celebrating the beauty and erotic turn-on that is the masculine, muscular male physique, this is the site for YOU! Inside you'll find stories of muscleworship and musclesex; a vast collection muscle pix as well. (Well, it'll be vast once I get the SPERM built [Sean's Pornographic & Erotic Repository of Musclemen].) 

Oh, there's one catch: You gotta be an  ADULT  to access this site. DON'T come in if you're not an adult. You have been warned. We have ways of dealing with unauthorized peepers. We know your mom's email address, and we won't hesitate to use it. 


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